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Hello there!
Image-Profil : Me ( Ravenclaw ) and my best friend Kimblette ( Slytherin )

I am fan of various universe thus I am interested in everything! I am (mainly enormously) a fan of Disney & animations movies , Manga / Japanimation but also Harry Potter, Once Upon a time and diverse movies as Titanic or Hunger Game trilogies for exemple.
And also i very love Crossover! My preferred is The Big 4 ! ( Rapunzel Jack Hiccup and Mérida) <3 They are so cuteeeeee <3

I touch in everything, I love create drawing on paper but also on PC ( paintool sai and Gimp.2 for software). I also like making editing (Gimp.2) and writing fanfiction's ( In Fench langage).
I also have favourite couples and it is what will find itself mainly in my gallery DeviantArt besides the OC/RPC. Because I have a main OC too that I customs in various universe (Blond long hair, blue Eyes , yin&yang caracter etc.... ).

So my favorite pairing's is:
Jack x Rapunzel <3 ( OTP )
Jim x Melody <3 ( OTP )
Elsa x Hans <3 ( OTP)
Mérida x Hiccup
Elsa x Anna
Ariel x Eric
Judy x Nick
Anna x Kristoff
LadyBug x ChatNoir
Jack x Hiccup or Jack x Pitch
Elsa x Pitch
And I like a little Jarida, Hiccelsa, Felsa, Flastrid , Jariel and other normal couple of course.

My Hate Pairing :
Jack x Elsa and Hiccup x Rapunzel.
I very hate it.

Hopefully my gallery pleases you ~
For editing request MP-me but i don't make strange pairing ~


True love by Lawliette-chan
True love
Another fanart of Ghirahim and her Wife ( My OC ).
Sabrina Ghirahim : She is Zelda sister's. She wears the symbol of the yin and the yang. Being the receptacle both triforces, light and darkness. She is the guard of the world balance of power even if she often falls in the darkness in certain temporal line. She was meet Ghirahim during her first resurrection at time when half-soul of the goddess Hylia ( Skyward Sword game). The time will forge their union until have two children (Alvis and Miaha). In every resurrection, she will look for her husband and her children in sleeps. 
Man Fi stars in a goth music video :albwtriforce: :alttptriforce: 

S.OC--> Me
Ghirahim --> Zelda univers

Base -->…
( This is also a reférence of a beautiful yuri animé --> wittyanimeviewers.files.wordpr… ( Kannazuki no Miko ) )
Background -->…

Enjoy ~ 
The Labyrinthe of Time by Lawliette-chan
The Labyrinthe of Time
This is a long drawing  for illustrate my new fanfiction in progress.
This fanfiction will be on The Big 4 and other characters of animations. She will be inspired by the manga Erased which is for me a leader of other one <3 

Jack, Mérida, Hiccup and Rapunzel are as five fingers of the hand. Inseparable and best friends for the life. Unfortunately a drama arise. A killer will make its appearance and will take himself to Rapunzel whom he will kill. Later drama, Mérida will be the following one leaving Hiccup and Jack in the depression and the solitude. Hiccup will want it to Jack which had promised to protect the girls and especially Mérida after the Rapunzel death. They shall compete for in front of a temple and shall not see again any more. Broken, Hiccup will try to catch up by means of his classmates of whom Astrid who will become her confidante and her support. Yet, Jack will sink into the blackness and the pain. He will feel depressed and will isolate itself. Only her sister will have a normal contact with him.

Not long after, Jack didn't finish it with the misfortune. He will undergo a new test. He will develop an uncommongift, the power to turn a few seconds in the time to be able to prevent a disaster. As soon as he hears a sound of bell and meets a blue butterfly he restarts behind for a few seconds.

Years later, Jack which lives with its power and his solitude met Hiccup in the bend of a supermarket. As congealed, the time will restart. Tic tac tic tac. Jack and Hiccup looks the other way but their fate is again underway. While the page seemed to turn the free-killer return and will make a new victim. The sister of Jack. In an endless roaring, Jack will hear a sound of bell. A butterfly and the bewilderment, he will find itself in his childhood body. His only aim? Save Rapunzel, Mérida and her sister of their fate... It will not be a slender to make, him who will be trapped in The labyrinth of time.

Rapunzel Corona --> Tangled
Hiccup Haddock III --> Dragon ( HTTYD)
Mérida Dunbroch --> Brave
Jack Frost --> Rise of Guardian
Elena Frost --> Rise of Guardian 
Astrid Hofferson --> Dragon ( HTTYD )
Inspiration --> Erased ( Manga )
Background --> Google Image

Enjoy ~ 

Can you dance with me? by Lawliette-chan
Can you dance with me?
Another Jimel editing request by me best friend KimbletteMustang 

Treasure Planet - Jim Icon 2 : Can you danse with me? Princess. 
The Little Mermaid II - Melody Little Weirded Out   : Of course Mister Hawkins.
Treasure Planet - Jim and Morph Icon 1  : * Laught* I am going to take your hand to never leave her.
The Little Mermaid II - Melody Icon 2 : * Blush * 

Melody --> Little Mermaid
Jim Hawkins --> Treasure Planet

Enjoy ~ 
Sad Separation... by Lawliette-chan
Sad Separation...
Another Jimel editing. Is a request of my best friend KimbletteMustang 

Plot: At the end of its adventure Jim has to make a choice, leave with Silver for a great adventure or stay with Melody and his mother. The appeal of the sky is stronger than everything. He will decide to run away with Silver leaving a Melody in tear. That he doesn't know and will know that later it is whom a baby is on the way...
Story by Kimblette from her fanfiction in progress.

Melody --> Little Mermaid
Jim Hawkins --> Treasure Planet

Enjoy ~ 


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